In a big western park like Grand Teton National Park, there is always something going on. To read the latest park news, click on the news releases link.

Grand Teton National Park News

The Public Affairs Office (PAO) provides outreach to millions of people each year by giving up-to-date park information through news releases, official websites, print and broadcast news interviews, feature articles, special publications, public presentations, and safety messages. Through multiple communication sources, the PAO conveys essential news and information regarding park issues, activities, emergency incidents (fire or search and rescue), safety alerts, and special events. This vital information goes out to a wide variety of audiences such as the visiting public, residents of local and regional communities, members of Congress, state and local officials, other federal agencies, park partners, and stakeholder groups, among others.

In addition to news outreach, the PAO plans and executes many special events such as ceremonies, dedications, anniversary celebrations, and memorial services. Several of these public events are done in collaboration with the park’s many partnership organizations.

This Office also coordinates and hosts issue-related trips for official visitors including foreign dignitaries, heads of state, national elected or appointed officials, U.S. representatives or senators and their staffs, state governors, federal agency officials, and numerous other special guests. The knowledge gained by visiting dignitaries often helps the park to achieve its goals, and these visits help further the mission of the National Park Service while creating good-will toward national parks throughout this country and the world. Check out the Grand Teton National Park Service Web Site for more details on this awesome park.

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