Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy Sack
Now this is a bivy sack I like. I can totally see using this in places like the Grand Canyon where you can’t always stake down a tent, but you are protected from the elements.

Big Anges 3 Wire Bivy Sack

The 3 Wire Bivy sack, is a cross between a Bivy bag and tent. The bottom two thirds of the sack is a shell that the sleeping bag slides into. The top one third is more like a tent in that it provides overhead protection from wind, snow, rain and insects. The height is less than 21 in (79 cm). From inside the sack one can leave the front fully open providing minimum protection and maximum ventilation. The screen can be closed to protect against insects, snakes or other things that crawl. To get more protection with the screen closed, I can open the screen and close the outer shell to the desired amount. Then the screen can be adjusted as desired. A visor provides protection from rain or snow when the outer layer is partially open.

This being a standalone sack staking is optional. The six stake loops are located as follows: One at each foot corner, one at each end of the poles where they meet the ground, and the last two being the ones at each corner of the head.

The two poles are joined by a swivel and this facilitates the sack setup. They are light, semi rigid and are shock corded for easy assembly. The stakes are made of aluminum in the shape of an x and thus are called x stakes. This is a way to provide strength without more weight. The stakes are notched at the top to provide a place to catch the tie down loops and I use the notches to remove the stakes from the ground with either the tie down loops or a short piece of small diameter rope.

Specifications; – Floor length 90″, Floor width 23″ at head, 31″ at shoulder, 25″ at foot, Head height 20.5″, Foot height 12″. Packed Weight is 32 oz. packed size. 5″ x 17″ floor area- 17.5 sq ft vestibule area

Review; – The Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy sack came packed in a Maroon stuff sack. The poles are light and strong. The body material has a tough feel to it. The mesh screen is also feels durable. The zippers operated very well. Although there are 2 poles, they are united by a swivel and this means one item does it all as far as poles go. I think the 3 Wire Bivy sack will be a good replacement for my backpacking tent, except for times when there is need to add a second person. It is slower to get in and it will be harder to be dry when setting up and entering in the rain. I am impressed with the overall quality of the material. The idea that the canopy provides some space between me and the outside is very appealing to me. Being smaller and lighter is also an advantage. Getting in and out is more difficult than I anticipated. Although, the weight makes it pretty attractive.

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