SPRINGFIELD β€” As part of a cost-saving measure, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has announced it will close 11 parks as of Nov. 1 and will lay off 39 workers.

β€œThe sites will close their doors on Nov. 1,”

said Chris McCloud, a DNR spokesman. The budget the governor got was $2.1 billion underfunded.

The 39 workers to be laid off include: 25 site technician II, 4 rangers, 3, site assistant superintendents, 1 office associate (part-time), 3 office coordinators (2 part-time, 1 full-time), 1 site security officer (IFPE union), 1 natural resource coordinator and 1 natural resource specialist.

The list of Parks to close are as follows:

Other cuts and layoffs are possible. This can only be described as a tragedy for Illinois outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy what few State Parks Illinois has. For more information on State Parks, go to the Illinois DNR Web Site

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