With product availability set for stores and on www.rei.com in Spring 2009, the company will Incorporate the European Norm (known as EN 13537) into its new mummy-style backpacking bags above zero degrees. EN 13537 is a standard testing methodology developed and used
in Europe that ensures sleeping bag temperatures above zero degrees are consistent across styles and brands. It will be easier for customers to make informed decisions when selecting a sleeping bag
that will keep them warm wherever they recreate.

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“To date, there has not been a consistent test for temperature ratings among sleeping bags sold in the United States, and we believe this has resulted in customer confusion,” adds Fromson. “By using the EN 13537 rating, we’re removing the guesswork for our customers, and allowing an apples-to-apples comparison to other EN-rated bags, so the customer has a comfortable night’s sleep.”

Striking sleeping bag designs, easy-to-understand temperature ratings. Customized for men’s and women’s sleeping comfort and fit, REI’s new sleeping bag collection will be available in regular and long
lengths and will consist of 21 mummy-style backpacking bags in four categories: ultralight down (Halo) and lightweight down (Radiant); as well as ultralight synthetic (Aura) and lightweight synthetic (Zen). All new mummy-style bags will carry the EN 13537 rating.


The Halo collection will be REI’s premium ultralight backpacking down bag, and will be available in +10F, +25F and +40F. The REI Halo line will balance warmth, weight and performance fit for maximum

REI’s Radiant collection will offer the ideal selection for customers looking for a lightweight down sleeping bag that prioritizes comfort over weight. The REI Radiant line, will be available in +10F,
+25F and +40F, and will offer customers a balance of performance and price. Additionally, REI will optimize the amount of down per baffle and baffle size to provide the most warmth with the least amount of weight for the Halo and Radiant sleeping bag collections.


The Aura collection will be REI’s premium, ultralight backpacking synthetic bag and will be available in +25F and +40F. Aura will balance warmth, weight and performance, and will be ideal for damp
conditions. The Aura will feature REI’s exclusive Primaloft MXL insulation, which blends two sizes of insulation fibers – a larger diameter fiber for loft that prevents convective heat loss and a
smaller diameter fiber for compressibility that retains radiant heat.

The Zen (and Zonk +25F for youth) will be REI’s lightweight, backpacking synthetic bag and will offer a balance between performance, price, and the versatility of synthetic’s warm-when-wet
properties. Available in +10F and +25F, this sleeping bag will offer REI’s Z-baffle construction, which provides durable, lightweight, compressible insulation guarding against both convective and radiant
heat loss.

New tents, pads and packs for family camping, comfort and ultralight backpacking

Family & Comfort

In the Spring, REI will also introduce the Kingdom tent series to customers, a two-room well-ventilated tent with high ceilings and a zip-open divider. This abode will be available for four or six people and will feature a weather-proof entry at one end and room for an optional vestibule at the other. The Kingdom will be free-standing with vertical walls for maximum interior volume and multiple pocket locations for convenient access.

The Hoodoo 2 tent will deliver deluxe three-season livability, ideal for two occupants who prioritize comfort in their backcountry and base camp experiences. In this design, tension truss pole
architecture and a four-hubbed pole set will create high interior volume and strength. REI will also offer plush Camp Beds ideal for car camping, as well as the lightweight, packable Convertible Trekker that will provide comfort for backpacking or travel.

With the addition of the Passage 65 Pack, ideal for youth ages 11 to 17, REI will have a full line of comfortable backpacking packs for the whole family. Also new for Spring, the Lookout and Traverse pack lines will be the first true technical daypacks on the market made with 100 percent post-consumer, recycled materials and built with supportive suspension and contoured fit.

Ultralight Backpacking

REI also has the ultralight backpacker in mind. New for Spring, REI will introduce the ultralight Flash Pack collection (available in 18, 30, 50 and 65 Liters), which offers a unique blend of lightweight
comfort and durability for men and women.

Additionally, REI will add a new tent and sleeping pads to its line. The Ace SW 2 will serve as a high-performance single wall tent positioned for savvy backpackers seeking a mix of high strength, low
weight, compact carry size, high interior volume and lightening-fast set-up. New selections of sleeping pads include the Lite-Core collection that will focus on lowest weight and highest

The Spring 2009 collection of outdoor and urban clothing for men, women and children will feature improved fit, brilliant graphics and colors for enjoyment on the trail or around town. Additionally, REI
will introduce new additions to its award winning Stratocruiser and Wheelybeast rugged travel luggage, as well as its travel and hand bag collection for men and women with new colors and designs.

Much of REI’s branded gear and apparel will carry its ecoSensitive logo, identifying the product has been made using a minimum of 50 percent renewable, recycled or organic fibers. Many of REI’s travel
bags including the new Quantum collection and women’s hand bags will be updated and designed using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) thermoplastic polyester.

Go to REI.com to search for backcountry gear now, and keep checking for updates for Spring Hiking/Camping

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