The most challenging part of this hike is the climb out of Coyote Gulch near Jacob Hamblin Arch. The climb involves scrambling up a 100-foot pitch of slickrock that ascends from the canyon floor at an angle close to 45 degrees. A 100-foot length of rope is useful here for raising backpacks. A compass is also useful for the last part of the hike, which involves a 2-mile cross-country walk from the canyon rim back to Jacob Hamblin Trailhead. Sneakers or other wettable shoes are the most practical footwear inside the canyon, as you will frequently be required to cross the stream bed.

The main canyon of Coyote Gulch.
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Red Well to Escalante River – 13 miles
Hurricane Wash to Escalante River – 12.3 miles
Fortymile Ridge to Crack-in-the-Wall (access to lower Coyote Gulch or Escalante River) – 2 miles

WATER AVAILABILITY: Coyote Gulch contains a number of seeps or springs in addition to a perennial stream.

HIKING CONDITIONS: The perennial stream in Coyote Gulch begins about 1 mile down wash from the Red Well trailhead and in Hurricane Wash about 3.5 miles from the Hurricane Wash trailhead. Wading shoes are a must as you will be walking in and out of ankle-deep water all the way to the Escalante River. Upstream from where the water flow starts, the washes are dry and sandy. Hurricane Wash joins Coyote Gulch approximately 5 miles from the Hurricane trailhead.

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