Editors Website Pick: This weeks featured Hiking/Backpacking site is Lighthikers World. This site is dedicated to lightweight backpacking and has some really interesting post’s. Read his “About” Page and get a feel from the other side of the world.

Just another hiker who enters the Blogosphere…I’m a native German – so please excuse my straightforward and little rough english – and do currently live in Munich close to the Alps.

I’m a gear fanatic and count the ounces and grams of each item I take with me in my backpack. My favourite hikes are in the Alps, especially the GTA (Grande Traversata delli Alpi) and the VA (Via Alpina).

Even so this blog is mainly devoted to lightweight gear the most important thing is not the gear! It is to get out there, enjoy nature and have fun!!

Lighthikers World
Lighthikers World

Read the Lighthikers World latest post on “Six Months to do Nothing but Walk and Think“. I really enjoyed it and got a good chuckle as I read. He really gives a good perspective on backpacking and his post’s about solar gear is really cool. (Been trying the same thing myself). I got a lot of good info on his site.


Feel free to contact me at any time. Started Backpacking in 2003 and have never looked back. My all time favorite hike was last April when I hiked the Sycamore Wilderness Canyon. No trails, no signs, just wilderness and a 3,000 foot steep drop into the Canyon. I ran out of water my third day. Why? There was no water in the Canyon. You can check out my video on the "backpacker.tv" page. Thanks for dropping by.

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