Live Reports from the Trail. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigain. Follow Live tracking reports via Twitter on this post or on the sidebar. I’ll also be editing and uploading pics from the trail.


UPDATE: Because of the lack of CELL TOWER coverage, updates may not work. The good news is the leaves are in full color and should make for some great backpacking.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park (60,000 acres) is one of the few remaining large wilderness areas in the Midwest. Towering virgin timber, secluded lakes, and miles of wild rivers and streams. The Park is located on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula. The terrain presents breathtaking vistas at several locations. Including the Lake of Clouds.

The Porkies (as they are called), has an extensive trail system for hiking as well as 23 miles of the North Country Trail. There are also more than 60 waterfalls, many of them easily accessible. Wildlife abounds in the Park, including whitetail deer and midwest black bear.

The Porcupine Mountains are bordered to the north by approximately twenty miles of Lake Superior shore. The Lake Superior Trail follows most of this shore, with the rest best explored by boat or sea kayak. Plenty of Wildlife in the Porkies. Bear, Moose, Otters, they all hang out in the Upper Midwest.

My trip to the Porkies was one of my favorite places to backpack. Not a bad campsite in the whole 66,000 Acres. Some awesome waterfalls, and challenging creeks to cross. You can move a very fast pace as the inclines are few, and short. Take your time and enjoy the beauty of the Porcupine Wilderness in the Fall. I will definately be back.

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1:00pm finished 32 mile loop. fall colors spectacular. 04:57 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
9:00am on lake superior trail to pinkerton trail to car. 04:54 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
not as cold tonite. fire going. watching sunset 04:45 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
4:15pm arrived 2nd camp. 12 miles. awsome campsite! 04:42 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
sunny high 50s 04:29 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
10:00 am heading to 2nd campsite. still on little carp trail. 04:25 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
7:00pm very cold tonite 04:12 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
3:00 arrived at first campsite. little carp trail. 11.5 miles 02:54 PM October 05, 2008 from Twittelator
The trail loop will be 32 Miles. I should be out of the Wilderness in 3 Days. 07:37 AM October 03, 2008 from web : Leaving on the Pinkerton Trailhead. 11.6 to first campsite. 07:32 AM October 03, 2008 from web
Making my way to the trailhead. NO CELL TOWER coverage. Updates will be scarce. Temp: 35 Degrees. No rain however. 07:16 AM October 03, 2008 from web
Weather Report for Hike: Highs: in the Mid 50’s. Lows: Mid 30’s Possible snow tomorrow night. 06:20 PM October 02, 2008 from web : Arrived in Silver City, MI. 3 Miles from Ranger Station 05:49 PM October 02, 2008 from web : current location. headed North to the U.P. 06:10 AM October 02, 2008 from Twittelator
Leaving Thursday for Porcupine Wilderness 11:40 PM September 30, 2008 from web
Planning and research for Porcupine Wilderness 11:05 PM September 21, 2008 from web

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