My pick for all around durable winter tent is the Hilleberg Jannu. Why? This tent has more features than my iPhone. The Jannu was designed to be the ultimate, high-altitude mountaineering assult tent. However, don’t leave it at home if you are just going out for the weekend in the hills. Moreover, looking for a strong tarp tent? This might be just for you, as the whole inner shell can come out to give you a strong 3 pole tarp tent. (for those who don’t need a tent floor)

When I picked the Jannu, I was originally looking for an ultralight tent that could stand winter winds, and pitch easy in the snow. My ultimate decision was: Do I sacrafice the strength in (2 pole, one shell tent) for low weight? Or, do I invest in the best Winter tent for all conditions, and be prepared for the worst of worst conditions, and carry a tent that is a little heavier? The latter applies here.

The Jannu is a 3 pole, 2 shell tent. Weighing in at 6 lbs, 3 oz. Thus, my choice of a winter tent that will get you through the roughest conditions Winter can throw.

The Jannu’s Dome design is self supporting, and its innovative short pole sleeve and clip system construction and linked inner and outer tents make for quick, easy set up: I set this tent up in no time right out of the box so to speak.

The features of this tent are awesome. Ventilation is the key in all tents, but the Jannu takes it up a notch. The Adjustable roof vent can be closed with snow-proof pannel, and is accessible from inside of the tent. You can have the top of the tent act much like a chimney type vent. Open all the way, zip the no-see-um screen, or close it all the way. Don’t forget the no-see-um mesh on the door. It has a two layer door to either keep it all the way open, the no-see-um mesh, or zip the inner layer closed all the way for warmth.

This is a two person tent. So room was also a key search criteria. The interior is quite spacious thanks to a near vertical inner tent entrance, and only mildly sloping walls. A single entrance and vestibule afford easy access and plenty of storage space, but keep weight very low. The entrance itself is asymmetric, and allows you to enter and exit from either side or from the end, so you can nearly always get in and out in the lee eof the wind.

What’s really nice about this tent, is the unique way it sets up. Most tents you set up the inner shell, then the outershell. The Jannu sets up that way except you set them both up at the same time with ease. The inner shell stays clipped to the outershell, making this tent easy to set up in extreme conditions. Multiple guidelines help keep this tent sturdy and still in high winds.

This is my choice for a 4 season Tent. This tent is sturdy, waterproof, and you WILL know quality when you first get in it.

If you have used this tent, please rate it, and give us a review, so others may consider.

I give this a 5 Star Rating.
Please rate the Hilleberg Jannu


Packed Wt: 6 lbs 3 oz
Inner Tent Area: 36.6 sq. ft
Vestibule Area: 13 sq ft
Pegs: 8 Viper Pegs, and 7 Square Pegs
Kerlon 1200 outer tent fabric
Poles: 3


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  • I have to agree, and I’m a major gear junkie. I like this tent better than anything I’ve seen. Lots of room and very long for us tall guys. The space sheltered by the vestibule is just enough. Super easy to set up, way easier than putting up internal poles like the Rab, ID and Bibler type tents (have them all). I like this one better than the Soulo because my feet and head don’t clear the inner fabric when laying down in the Soulo (6ft) on top of an inflatable.

  • I absolutely love this tent. Didn’t get much of a chance to use it last year, but this year, I’m putting it to the test. It’s worth the extra weight, and trusting your tent is everything.

  • There is a difference between packed weight which usually includes poles, ties, stakes, and sack. It can vary from manufacturer to reseller depending how they are marketing it. I believe the Hilleberg website suggested the total pack weight as 6 lbs.

  • I loved this tent on our sheep hunt this year. It was easy to set up quickly and allows for plenty of gear storage both inside the tent by our heads and feet and in the vestibule. We weathered an early winter snow storm at 5500 feet and though the tent flatted on us many times in the 90mph gusts, it popped right back up during the lulls. We had to tweak the poles back into shape several times but nothing broke. The tent stakes are very wimpy though, that is the one small drawback. Very wimpy little stakes that are not very well designed.