Social Networking has become one of the driving forces behind Internet conectivity. Connections with others having the same interests. Backpacking and hiking networks are no different. With communities like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and others, how can you not connect? However some social networks can sometimes be intimidating. Who do I know? More importantly who can I trust? I find most social networks like Facebook very cool, however, I end messaging people I already know.

One social networking site that is really cool for meeting other backpackers/hikers is, Hikers Journal – A Social Network for Outdoor Enthusiasts. In fact, I’m a member. It’s a social networking site that offers a lot of variety. You can post your own blog, pictures, video, and design your own profile page. More importantly you can easily comunicate with other backpackers/hikers in a freindly environment.

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with another hiker on Hikers Journal and set up a time where we will do a short 3 day backpacking trip. This is what social networking is all about. Since I live in a place where backpacking is almost non-exsistant, meeting others that have my interest in the outdoors is tough. Hikers Journal is a place where you can meet, and set up events and meet others. Check out Hikers Journal and join.

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Feel free to contact me at any time. Started Backpacking in 2003 and have never looked back. My all time favorite hike was last April when I hiked the Sycamore Wilderness Canyon. No trails, no signs, just wilderness and a 3,000 foot steep drop into the Canyon. I ran out of water my third day. Why? There was no water in the Canyon. You can check out my video on the "" page. Thanks for dropping by.

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