There is nothing absolutely essential in the backcountry then your sleeping system. This includes what will really keep you warm on those frigid nights when temps fall below 0. Recently I “Gear Tested” the Feathered Friends Eider -10 sleeping bag. This bag weights 3 lbs 7 oz if you get the ‘regular’ fit, and it will set you back a few bucks. At a cost close to $600.00 bucks, it had better keep you warm.

Recently the temps fell below 0 with a wind chill of -10, to -15 below. I was nice and toasty. I usually sleep on my side, and the ‘regular’ fit was enough room for me turn over at night without feeling cramped up.

You have two choices in fabric when buying the Eider. Choose wisely however. Both fabrics are hghly water-resistant and breathable. The eVent shells are waterproof, HOWEVER the construction is not. FF doesn’t tape any of seams in neither the sleeping bags nor the jackets/parkas.


EPIC by Nextec® fabric. It’s water resistant, windproof, breathable and washable. But how? Their patented Nextec® encapsulation process is what makes it possible. The protection is inside the fabric, encapsulating the actual fibers for weatherproof performance. No laminates. No coatings.

Nextec’s encapsulation process delivers the all-weather protection you need, without sacrificing breathability, packability, or soft to the touch comfort. And it lasts wash-after-wash.

Polyester eVENT fabric is a direct venting waterproof barrier based on the latest evolution of ePTFE laminates. Using a patented Dry System technology eVENT has set a new standard for comfort by allowing perspiration to vent before it saturates the inside of the fabric. The eVENT family of fabrics is by far the best choice for adventurers who need and demand the highest possible performance and durability from their garments.

I went with the Epic. So far it has been a great choice for my winter camping needs. The weight of this bag also makes me happy.


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