Chris Moyles and his gang are about to leave, but a fortnight ago Trail Magazine arrived home from Kilimanjaro after six days on Africas highest mountain. In Part One, follow Trails deputy editor Simon Ingram on the first few days of the mountains Machame route through the jungle to Shira Camp, where the altitude starts to kick in..

Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
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This feature is a three part series on this expedition where you get a real feel of what backpacking on one of the most spectacular peaks in Africa is like.

The highest point on Kilimanjaro is Uhuru Peak, on the volcano Kibo. Its height value attracted a lot of interest as the reports of the first Europeans to see the mountain reached Europe. Since 1889, several attempts have been made to determine the exact height of the mountain, but the several methods have given varying results and differ by as much as 100 metres. The Kilimanjaro 2008 Precise Height Measurement Expedition used GPS and gravimeter methods to output the value of (19,330 ft). On top of Kibo is a 1.5 mile wide crater.

By Simon Ingram
27 February 2009

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