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Marmot Aspen 15 Adventurer

One of the pieces of gear I’m always playing with are good quality sleeping bags. There are so many of them and some can get expensive. But for me, it’s a matter of what works. Not the money I spend on them. You can caught up in popular trends or brand name hype.

Last year I wrote a gear review on the Marmot Aspen Ultralight sold at Dicks Sporting Goods. I got a good responce from other hikers that appreciated the “review”, since there wasn’t much data available on that bag.

About a month ago I saw the Marmot Aspen 15 Degree Adventurer at Dicks Sporting Goods. Once again the price intrigued me. This bag is a 2lb 8oz Down Bag. My interest was peaked so I bought it. This bag is sold directly for Dicks Sporting Goods and is not availble through Marmot’s Online Web Site.

I took it out and tested it at around 17-20 degrees to see if it could hold it’s own. I called Marmot to get the scoop. This is what they told me when I asked what bag would be comparible to their web line? They told me it would be the Marmot Sawtooth that weighs in a 2lbs 14oz. That bag is a 600 Fill Goose Down, same as the Adventurer. In fact, most of the specs are the same. The shell and lining…the same.


Once again, I believe this is a good bag for the price. I paid $139.00 at Dicks, which is a far cry from the $200.00 Marmot sells almost the same bag for. The Adventurer was comfy and cosy. This was tested in early Spring when temps still fall into the teens at night. This bag is a definate for early spring, early fall. This is NOT a winter bag. The weight of this bag is just right for a 15 degree bag. With the Hood Draw Cord this wraps around your head nicely. It removes any chance of heat loss. It even has a “stash pocket” for storage.

For early spring time hikes, this bag would be just fine for the budget backpacker. Let us know if you have had any experience with this bag and post a comment.

See you on the trail.


  • cliff

    Re: Marmont bags from Dicks

    I enjoyed your write up of the Aspen 40 deg ultralight and I bought 2. Its performed well for me and my son. I recently saw the Adventurer 15 deg and was curious as to its performance. Your review of it was beneficial too. Question: If the bag works as stated and Marmont told you they did not sacrifice any quality in these “Dicks only” bags then why do you state that the bag is “not a winter bag”? Maybe its geography? I’m in GA and 15 degrees is as cold as you will ever see even at 5000 ft.


    • 9:19 am - March 18, 2010

  • Admin

    I think the 15 Adventurer is great for Winter, especially in GA. I’m in Illinois where its common to be below 0. So, yes, Winter is all in perspective. LOL. Having said that, I have used the 15 at 15 degrees. Along with long johns, 2 layers, and fleece and I was fine. This bag in particular will need to be hung when not in use. I’ve noticed the down moving around quite a bit. So to keep the down even, I would always hang this bag. Hope this helps.

    • 7:38 pm - March 18, 2010

  • Thomas

    I have been using this bag for a few years now. Purchased at Dicks in Henderson, NV. This is my go to bag for compactness, warmth and comfort. its very breathable if’n it gets to hot, and keeps me nice and cozy when it gets to cold. i have had a few issues with tears, but nothing i couldnt fix on my own. i am rough on gear, wildland firefighting in the summer and hiking / backpacking / hunting during the spring / fall / winter. This bag has withstood the test of time and come out a definate winner.

    • 3:42 pm - August 17, 2011