Cant call Dominos? Assistant Editor Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan from Backpacker Magazine shows you how to easily make a mean pizza, right in the backcountry. I am always looking for new and “inventive” ways to cook in the backcountry. I had to laugh when I saw this video because I am into Pizza Tortillias right now (on the trail) and this gives me yet another way to be creative.

For other good food, check out Trail Foods. These are healthy exciting foods that will offer a change from the same ol Freeze Dried Foods.

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  • Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for the cool video & beautiful scenery. I am an AMC backpacking leader in NY and have been doing some winter backpacking in NY & NH. How do you get your canister stove to work in the snow? Have to try your recipe – our chapter is doing a cooking in the Catskills backpack. Also – Rocky Mountain national Park is awesome. I gotta do some backpacking in the West!

  • I actually tried this. It works, but you need a non stick pan. Even with the cooking oil, it still sticks, and tough to clean. Also, the amount of dough is crucial. You only need very little. Other than that, it’s turns out to be a pretty good pie. Not quite “Chicago Sytle”, but hec, for backcountry cooking, not too bad.