This product was on display this year at Trail Days 09 in Damascus, VA. I really like the uniqueness of this stove system. I typically don’t use a alcohol stove, but with products like this one, I sometimes think I should. This is a light weight system that gives you complete control over your cooking system.

Caldera Stove (Funnel Windscreen and soda can alcohol burner) = 2.0 oz
AGG 3 Cup Anodized pot and lid = 3.8 oz
Total Weight = 5.8 oz
Burner holds maximum of 2 oz of fuel

We have gotten 2 cup boils on 10 grams of denatured alcohol, and 5 cup boils on 20 grams (again, depending on the conditions). Many of the pressure alcohol stoves on the market use about twice that much fuel. Where the Caldera Cone really shines is in wind. By totally enclosing the stove and pot inside the cone, we are able to both protect the stove and the pot from the wind….while directing more heat into the pot to provide even better efficiency!


Caldera Cones act as combined windshields and pot supports. The pot fits in the top of the cone, preventing heat exiting there, while air enters through vents in the cone. It’s a very efficient
system. The Caldera Cone is sized to fit your pot/mug so each cone is a different size. By and large, figure that it is about 3 inches taller than your pot and the same diameter at the top. Further, the cone splits down its length so that it can lay flat or roll up tighter for easier packing.

The stove that has been optimized to run in the Caldera Cone environment is a center burn design with an inner fuel “cup” and a primer pan bottom. Air comes in the holes you see on the outer can, travels up the outside of the inner “cup” and through vent holes cut in its the inner “cup’s” top. The flame comes out the center hole.

While the stove will technically hold 40 ml, you will likely not be required to ever test that limit. Depending on water temperature, altitude, wind, etc, you will get a 2 cup boil with anywhere between 15 to 20 ml of fuel.

Visit the Trail Designs Web Site for more information.

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