Experience the national treasure yourself on the Ozark Trail. The Ozark Trail runs 140 miles. This section is through the Current River

Hike through mixed oak/hickory/pine forest, with some open rocky and grassy areas interspersed with cedar, and across several cedar glades. Ridgetops are easy hiking, with open, airy understory. Some bottoms are rocky creek beds with occasional standing or running water. Trail passes one small spring 4.5 miles from Peck Ranch.

Oldmountain Video puts together another awesome Trail Vlog.

The Current River Section of the Ozark Trail begins at Peck Ranch State Conservation Area on U.S. Hwy 60, 4 miles west of Van Buren, MO. and covers about 30 miles, 9 of which are within Mark Twain NF.

Addtional Information on the Ozark Trail can be obtained from the Ozark Trail Web Site. There maps can be downloaded and printed, here is the map link.

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  • Cool video, guys. I wish you had filmed more up on the bluffs near south Powder Mill. But, Klepzig Mill is a good place to stop though, and just stay!

    Also on the OTA website is a Trip Planner with updated maps that note water sources and other points of interest on the trail. The Taum Sauk section, closed since the power plant dam broke in 2005, will be reopening in October, 2010!!

    Fall is coming soon! Time to get out!!