This short Trail Days documentary gives you a real feel of what goes on in Damascus Virginia every May. Who puts it on, and the Volunteers that give of themselves to help Hikers.

Meet people like Gypsy who works at MoJo’s cafe, or Linda Austin who helps bring “Church” to the Hikers to hike the Appalachian Trail by feeding, and making sure they are taken care of. Get a first hand account from real Thru-Hikers and their journey to Trail Days. Meet Outdoor Author Johnny Molloy and get his take on what Trail Days means to him. See Tent City and what it looks like in a real time perspective.

Trail Days takes place in a small mountain town in Virginia. The population in Damascus, Virginia in 2007 was a little over 1,000 residents. In one weekend in May, (Trail Days) over 15,000 people mostly hikers, come to pay a visit in what the “trail” calls the “Friendliest Town on the Trail”. See what Trail Days is all about.

This video was filmed by Broadcast Your Adventure Films and is the first documentary of it’s kind.


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