The First Ascent Team which included Peter Whittaker comes down after a sucessful summit from Everest. This season marked the return to Everest by Eddie Bauer who sponsored the climb. In this video, Whittaker mentions the climb, and “its time to go home“.

There are two distinct sounds that jar me away from the day to day life at Basecamp and instantly remind me of the sobering landscape in which we are living. The first starts as a low grumble, like a distant roll of thunder moving up the valley, then turns to a deep guttural roar that shakes through camp. It is as if the mountains themselves are groaning under the weight of their icy loads and they shift to ease their burdens. At the head of the Khumbu valley and surrounded by a full 270 degrees soaring peaks, Basecamp is ringed by steep flanks of rock, ice, and snow. The panorama surrounding Basecamp is stunning as some of the world’s highest peaks rear up directly above. Beginning with the hanging glaciers flowing from Pumori’s almost perfect conical summit, and stretching over Lingtren, Cholatse, Lho La Pass, Everests’ West Ridge, the Khumbu Icefall, and Nuptse’s impressive West Face, the Himalayas dwarf Basecamp. And from these faces comes the deep groans. It is the sound of falling ice and rock as the glaciers hanging high on the mountains above calve off, sending tons upon tons of ice crashing down the faces below. From Basecamp the first distant grumble echoes across the valley, growing in intensity as the falling chunks gain speed, breaking apart as they hit the mountain sides and dispersing into fine clouds of billowing ice crystals. These clouds of ice blast across the valley floor, like the smoke from a canon as it discharges its deadly load, billowing up in boiling white curtains that rushes through Basecamp

Congrats to the entire First Ascent Team and their safe return to Base Camp.

See also the Inteview with Peter Whittaker as he discusses new gear from Eddie Bauer


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