There is one important feature I look for when buying a tent. How easy is it going to be when I pitch it? That is why I was surprised when I saw this tent at Trail Days. This tent required no poles. Just air. The difference in tents can be minuscule at best. But the Nemo Morpho Ar only needs a foot pump, and you are off setting up your tent. In fact, I saw this tent set up in less than a minute.

There is no substitute for confidence in your gear, especially in your tent. We’ve fine-tuned Morpho AR™ over several years to be the perfect all-weather shelter for extended travel. With remarkable strength, easy setup, and beautiful simplicity, Morpho AR™ can handle it all: vicious downpours, high winds, and early season snow. At 4.8lbs and 40 sq ft, reviewers and testers agree, this single-wall tent is perfect for those who depend on reliable gear for their adventures.

At 4 lbs 6 oz. this tent maybe a little heavy for me, but it sure was sturdy. I was really shocked when I put my body against it and gave it a shove. Sturdiness is the key here.

The room in this tent is noteworthy also. At 40 sq ft you will have plenty of room.

Visit the Nemo Web Site and browse through this “Air Tent”.

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