There are times when I’m out for days in the backcountry and look in my food bag and think, “Do I have to eat this”? What a pleasant surprise when I met Christopher Pheiffer at Trail Days this year. Not only was he a great guy to talk to, but he presented me with some alternatives to my diet in the backcountry. Only a day after I bought six meals from Chris, but I went out on a overnight and cooked one his meals. Wow! what a difference. What? Salt and Pepper comes with? What? It tasted really good.

The Enertia Team loves the outdoors as much as we love food, and believes that taste shouldn’t be sacrificed on the trail. That’s why we are committed to making meals packed with the nutrition you need and the homemade taste you crave. We strive to provide fellow outdoor enthusiasts with the ultimate wilderness dining experience.

Enertia meals are specially designed for wilderness adventurers who want great tasting, lightweight, high-energy food. ETF meals are based on real kitchen recipes and made with the best quality, dehydrated and freeze-dried ingredients. Loaded with protein and good calories, Enertia Trail Foods® provide the best tasting, highest value, and most convenient meals available.

The unique, re-sealable waterproof packaging serves as a pack-in, cook-in, eat-from and pack-out companion. ETF meals are packaged to withstand the rigors of extended outdoor travel, conserve space, save fuel, and provide Leave No Trace efficiency.

ETF meals are geared toward various experience levels, from the serious thru-hike backpacker to the weekend family camper. To ensure the best-tasting meals, our products are made with the freshest ingredients under high standard production practices. For guaranteed quality and freshness, all Enertia single serve products have a one year shelf life, and ETF/Coleman® meals are shelf stable for two years.

For more information on their food products, visit their Web Site at Trail Foods


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  • Chris is right. The big difference is in how absolutely delicious these meals are. You really have to try the cheesecake; it’s awesome

  • I’ve used these foods before, they are much better than Mountain House, or AlpineAire. They seem to go the extra effort for taste.