Jason Klass has filmed a short video explaining different configurations for the Mariposa™ Good explanation of how this pack works in the backcountry.

“The pack felt great and I am so pleased with it that I am probably going to use it on most of my planned backpacking trips this year when I’m carrying 25 lbs or less. Width-wise, the main compartment on the Plus is narrower than my other main pack and it felt like this translated into much better load transfer to the hips.” Read Full Review

Philip Werner | Lightweight Backpack and Blogger

The Mariposa™ Plus continues the ultralight backpacking revolution with the same incredible array of important features at a weight of just over a pound! This is the same great pack as the original but constructed of ripstop nylon for added durability while keeping the weight penalty to about 3 ounces. We’ve also made the side pockets bigger and beefed up the interior stay pockets to make them more sturdy. For those of you who prefer a more “stealth” color scheme it comes in a light Sage.

The only changes for 2009 is to the upper right external pocket and the addition of 1″ to the torso size of the Small. This pocket has been shortened so as not to extend into and interfere with the bottom bottle pocket. The pocket will still hold maps, permits and various other small items but it now allows better clearance for the use of bottles in the lower pocket. The extra inch that we added to the Small will allow it to fit more people, as it was a little too small for most women evidenced by great feedback from our customers.

We feel that the 3 different pack sizes together with the 3 removable hip belt sizes gives the customer the ability to customize his or her pack in order to achieve the best fit. We have often heard from women that our packs are too large for them so we’ve resized the packs and now have a true “Small” pack size. This pack will also fit younger hikers allowing kids to “see the light”! This system also provides thru-hikers the ability to utilize two different size hip belts on those months-long, weight-shedding long distance hikes. A hiker could start out with a larger hip belt and then mail the smaller one to a mail drop up ahead on the trail when they feel they will have lost enough weight to justify the smaller belt. No more field sewing of the hip belt with floss to make it fit better!

The Mariposa™ Plus continues building on the popular features of the stalwart G4™ backpack, effectively incorporating the “dual use” technique of ultralight backpacking. Your sleeping pad (NightLight™, Z-Lite™/Z-Rest™, Thermarest® 3/4 length, or other 20″-wide pad) becomes part of the pack frame by inserting into the back of the pack. This way it can be extracted during rest stops to sit/lay on without unpacking your pack. The shoulder straps and hip belt are designed to accept unused articles of clothing as padding. Foam inserts are included if you don’t want to use sleeping socks, gloves, etc as your padding. Both side mesh pockets are deep enough to swallow a 3-liter Platypus&reg.

The Mariposa™ Plus utilizes hollow, aluminum-tipped, carbon fiber pack stays for real load transfer (removable for lighter loads), a unique asymmetric side pocket design (right hand pocket is accessible while wearing the pack), a dual function removable and adjustable sternum strap/emergency whistle and a hydration bladder pocket with ports on each side. Cushy wicking fabric on the shoulder straps and hip belt prevent slipping and the 3-dimensional weave aids in faster drying times. Multiple pockets help you organize your load. Tons of strategically placed lashing loops enable you to easily adapt the pockets to carry longer items by lashing them to the sides. The unique “Y” top lash strap allows for a more stable 3-point connection to secure items such as rolled sleeping pads or bear canisters with still only one buckle to operate. The sturdy shock cord compression lacing allows you to reduce the pack volume so it still carries the load tightly for shorter trips. Many of the features are removable, so you don’t need to carry the weight if you don’t require that feature for a particular trip. You can configure the basic pack, with sternum strap and carbon fiber stays, for a little over one pound.


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  • Bought the Mariposa Plus size Small for my 12 year old boy scout. He is a sturdy kid, but small. This is essentially his first real backpack. We will be using it this weekend for a short boy scout camp. So far we are both very pleased with its versitility, construction, and overall weight. I’m looking forward to many miles on the trail with my son and this pack!

  • Hello,
    what is your opinion between this Mariposa Plus and the recently tested Exodus…il you had to choose beetween them…what would you do….
    In fact i’m looking for a light bag in order to make small trip(3-4) days and longer one(10-15 days)

    thks…and btw great review, great site…


  • I would probably get the Plus. From some of the review I’ve read, the Plus seems to be the fav so far. Have fun on your trip.

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