Calling all trekkers, backpackers, campers, and weekend warriors! America’s Tales From The Trail wants you! Watch this exciting new show shot in the Backcountry.

What better way to see American trails than a hike with two expert wilderness guides. Right from the start, each exhilarating episode charts a well-defined course for sunrise summits, haunted hotels,
whiskey jug bands, and both insightful folk and natural history.

Our hosts, the mighty Chris Abel and “California” Blaire Carson, are sure to engage an audience, just as they have for years. And drawing on the knowledge of our crack team of Geographic Explorers, assembled from television, magazines and trailheads, viewers will learn to expect smart, useful backpacking tips and a look at th e treasured sights most hikers never knew existed.

Making the most of revelatory interviews with the keepers of local history and exclusive toe-tapping performances by backcountry music makers, this show is sure to occupy a valuable share of the family
entertainment market.

Director Paul Sheehan explains how this new and dynamic series started:

This shows concept came from a love a nature and me attending the Outdoor Channels “Golden Mouse Awards”. I was disappointed to see that all of there programing as things like Bow Hunting Fish. There was nothing about people using the outdoors for adventure and even hunting shows don’t really teach people how to do things in the outdoors. On the other hand shows like Survivor man don’t teach practical skills and if anything comes across as nature is a place to be feared. Our show is designed to entertain and educate as we expect people to go out and use what we teach.

Next week we will feature the second installment of the first Episode of Tales from the Trail.

To learn more about the daring creators of Tales From The Tr ail, or how to “pack it in” to a network near you, visit


Feel free to contact me at any time. Started Backpacking in 2003 and have never looked back. My all time favorite hike was last April when I hiked the Sycamore Wilderness Canyon. No trails, no signs, just wilderness and a 3,000 foot steep drop into the Canyon. I ran out of water my third day. Why? There was no water in the Canyon. You can check out my video on the "" page. Thanks for dropping by.

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  • We are currently trying to get the show funded and picked up for a full 13 episodes. We really need you to contact you favorite network and tell them about us. Be sure to send us a email too at for updates


  • Great show, are there going to be more after this? Very cool site. Spending way too much time watching these videos. HA!

  • Yes HappyHiker there will be two more parts of episode #1 over the next few weeks! Keep checking back and sign up for notifications. As far as more episodes that depends on funding! We need folks like you to call and email their favorite networks and companies and turn them on to this show!

    Thanks for the feedback, now go spend some time outside :)_