This video done by YouTube User: Nutnfancy and demonstrates some useful tips on Backpacking Tents.

“Sleeping under the stars is a bit overrated for me. Seems the bugs attack, the critters find you, the wind blows away your body heat, frost and condensation soak your bag, then the rain falls, and no matter what your gear gets filthy.

A minimalist tent tarp, bivy, or floor-less tent are some ways to avoid to some of those hassles. But my favorite option is a quality designed and constructed lightweight backpacking tent like the ones profiled in this Nutnfancy series of videos. Here I cover most of the design aspects and experience-based opinions on just such a tent. POUs, Firepower vs Mobility, Impact, Livability concerns, Longevity, Ventialtion, Maintenance, Sleeve and Pole Construction, Fabric Choices, Convenience Features, and buying sources are all covered in the series. It would be unrealistic and probably of limited use for me to review certain models since most are so shortlived in the marketplace. Instead I use category representatives and teach the features, construction, sizing, and the many considerations to arm the buyer with the knowledge to make the best purchase choice. Always buy out-of-season whenever possible to save big money; it’s very possible to get a ultra-quality BP tent this way for well under $200. Take care of it and it will serve you and your family forever too. Location was the scenic and beautiful Rocky Mountains with Allie the Mountain Dog in tow. This series was lots of work to put together, make happen, and produce but I hope it sheds some light on for some a confusing subject. Get a tent and get out there!”

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