This lightweight camp table made from tent poles, weighs just 2 lbs, breaks down in seconds to fit in a pack, and is an essential food prep and cooking stand for camping in areas without picnic tables.

This versatile work surface is perfect for cooking because it is close to kitchen counter height (home counters are typically 36 inches). At 30″ tall this table sure beats having to tend to a stove on the ground.


Some ultra light backpackers may consider a table an unnecessary luxury who’s weight they can forgo. For me, the utility and convenience this little table provides is worth it.

The 14″ diameter work surface is more than adequate for cooking with a stove, mess kit and water bottle. Note: Be sure to check the Instructables link in step 10 for two light weight stove designs that have been used with this table.

The only use I see for this would be for your stove. Where finding a level rock sometimes is a bit trying. However, I have camped many times where the ground wasn’t so level either. Not sure I would pack it, but it looks pretty cool for a local weekend trip.

You can find additional information here.

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