When I first started backpacking of course I brought my pic camera. Took some great landscapes, some wildlife, not to mention those great sunsets. However, I always felt I wanted to share more than just a photo. I wanted to share the experience. So I began to shoot video.

When I take a video camera out hiking I take the lightest one I can find. However, that also depends on the durration of my trip. A weekend trip I will bring a small, durable camera. A long trip, I’ll bring an even smaller, durable camera.

So here are a few suggestions as to what kind of video camera to take on a backpacking trip, along with some editing software that easy to use, and will make your video awe inspiring.


Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) – This is a great camera to carry on your belt loop. You can get it for around $200.00 bucks.


Creative LabsCreative Labs Vado HD 720p Pocket Video Camcorder with 8 GB Video Storage and 2x Digital Zoom (Black)


Sanyo VPCCG10Sanyo VPC-CG10 HD Flash Memory Camcorder w/5x Optical Zoom (Black)


Canon VIXIA HF200 HD Flash Memory Camcorder with 15x Optical Zoom

These camera are a great start to bring out with you. They are all lightweight, easy to carry, and will be pretty durable. Some of them you can carry on a belt loop, others you may have to carry on a tripod. Either way, they can work for a long weekend trip. The Flips are nice because they power in to USB port on a laptop or a desktop. They would great for an AT hike. They also come with the software loaded in the camera themselves. I have carried the Flip with me before and it’s worked great. They all sell for around $200 – $350 bucks.

However, they are just the object to shoot your video. The real magic is in the edit. Lots of video editing software out there to use.

I chose 3 that are good editing software:


If you are looking for theme based editing, then this video editor can fillip your creative power. It has got the Hollywood style multi-layered effects, animated graphics, titles and Hi-Fi audio. It offers you the latest HD video editing technologies including the Blu-ray and AVCHD.


Corel VideoStudio 12
Free Trial – Corel VideoStudio Pro X2

VideoStudio Pro X2 has time-saving Movie Wizard to create some cool fun movies within minutes. Although its not a feature packed stuff, but at least has some high-end features.


Adobe Premiere Elements 7

For an amateur or the less tech savvy people this is most user-friendly video editing tool. The interface is as simple as it could be, even the first timers won’t shy. Apart from your camcorder download it can edit MPEGs, AVI, Windows Media and Quick Time files.



Enjoy the outdoors and love getting out into the backcountry.

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