A 5 night, 6 day backpacking adventure into the South San Juan Wilderness. Located in the Rio Grande National Forest in Southern Colorado. Access to this area is just west outside of the town of Platoro, CO and a couple miles southwest of the Platoro Reservoir.

BEST TIME OF YEAR TO HIKE THIS AREA IS JULY OR AUGUST! June may be too early for some because of the snow drifts which make the trails hard to find. The Three Forks Trailhead starts at 10,000 FT and the Conejos Peak summits at 13,300 FT. An excellent 5 night, 6 day high altitide backpacking adventure for the “Moderate” backpacker. There is plenty of water all the way up to Glaciaral Lake. Above the timber line, water is scarce so pump/boil yourself some water before attempting Conejos Peak. So, you’re getting rivers, lakes, creeks, trees, high peak summits, vistas, wildlife, and fishing!! It’s backpacking paridise!

I rate this backpacking trip 5/5 stars… for being MY most excellent backpacking trip to date so far!! —– I used my Kodak Easyshare M1093 IS 720p HD camera to capture the video and photography for this production.

This video was shot by YouTube User: CrazyTaileZ

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  • We had 2 layover days planned. Our first was at Glacieral Lake. This allowed us to acclimate to the 12,000 FT evevation and also be able to summit Conejos Peak easier. Our second layover day was at Blue Lake where my friend caught that trout you see on the video. We enjoyed every day of our 5 nights and 6 days out there… even when it rained on us for more than 6 hours! Having enough water sources around during the hike made for less weight in our backpacks during the hike because we could pump enough water for one canteen each and when we would get thirsty again, we would just stop and pump!