When it comes to fuel for your alcohol stove, there is some debate on which fuel is more effective. There are two kinds of fuel that hikers use in the backcountry. Heet (HEET in the yellow bottle is what many of us use for fuel. It’s gas line antifreeze and is made of methyl alcohol) or SLX denatured alcohol – (ethanol with methanol (added as a denaturing agent), methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, water, and possibly other chemicals – aka methylated spirits, shellac thinner, marine stove fuel, liquid fondue fuel, chafing dish fuel)

The advantages of alcohol stoves are obvious. Lightweight! If you are interested in a stove that runs on odorless fuel, need to carry as little weight as possible, like to go cheap as possible, enjoy recycling, strive to use eco friendly renewable fuels whenever possible, and/or require the ability to find fuel while walking across North America then an alcohol stove is for you.

The debate is which alcohol burns the best. Jason Klass at Gear Talk, compares Heet and SLX.

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