“Nine Months Til Summer”. Join Ryan Connelly and Ryan Jordan on a quick trip crossing the the Hyalite-Cottonwood divide.

Ryan writes for Backpackinglight.com and writes this article: His video series of “24 Hours” can be seen on thebackpacker.tv or his YouTube Site:

Snow comes to the mountains of Montana intermittently throughout the summer. I usually see more serious snow arrive in September, but even those storms are usually pretty short and kept to the higher elevations. October is where it’s at if you’re a snow junkie, but in some years, even October in Montana can make you feel like you’ve been erroneously displaced. In other words, until the snow really comes to the Rockies (usually in December!), all bets are off and any reliability in snow forecasting is sketchy at best.

That’s why I was pretty excited to watch our first big snow of the year come across the radar in late September.

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The photo Featured on this article was taken by Ryan Connelly


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  • Beautiful scenery and I eiepcsally enjoyed watching Mia hiking with her best friend. What is more .. the pickin and stringin music .well done .keep em comin!