The San Gorgonio Wilderness is the climax region of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California. Located on the San Bernardino National Forest

The South Fork Trailhead is on Jenks Lake Road, 2.5 miles from Highway 38. The trail begins at the large paved parking lot (6,900′) on Jenks Lake Road East and climbs 2.5 miles where it crosses the Wilderness boundary just beyond a short side trail (NE) to a photo overlook (Poop-Out Hill, 7,740′) and Wilderness information display. The trail then crosses the Wilderness boundary and continues another 1.7 miles to South Fork Meadows (8,200′). Here the trail forks: to the left (east) is Dry Lake (1.5 miles, 9,000′) and to the right (west) is Dollar Lake (2 miles, 9,300′).

The Dry Lake camping area (remember that camping is at least 200 feet from meadows, streams, springs, trails, and other occupied sites) is spread through two drainages. The first has only one or two good camping sites, the second, in the largest draw, has almost all the sites as well as Lodgepole Spring (about .25 mile up the trail towards Fish Creek Saddle-9,900′).

One and three-tenths miles beyond Dry Lake is Trail Flats Camp (no water, 9,700′). Three-tenths mile further on is Mineshaft Saddle (9,960′), from which the hiker may choose to climb to the summit of San Gorgonio Mountain (11,499′)

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