This Wilderness was designated in 1939, and was expanded to its present size in 1984. It now contains approximately 160,200 acres. There is a well-developed trail system, and the western end of the wilderness receives heavy use during the cooler times of the year. Trail conditions vary from fair to very poor. Several trails are unsuitable for horses.

The area is starkly beautiful and often rugged, but can be inhospitable to those not equipped to meet nature on her own terms. Searing heat and a shortage of water are typical conditions in the summer. Bitter cold, rains (and even snowstorms) may occur in the winter.

Rumors still abound concerning lost gold mines, “secret maps,” etc., and are still being sold to the unwary.

This video was shot by TheBackpackerTV Member Bryan DeLay


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  • Bryan,

    I am really glad you posted this trip. I am planning a April trip to backpack into the Grand Canyon and I am flying in and out of Phoenix. This Supersition Wilderness trail should be added to my agenda since it is not far from Phoenix. Did yo come across any other backpackers? How far did you hike? Was your route a loop? If it is not too much trouble, here is my email address: Can you pdf me a map with suggested campsites and potential water sources? In advance, thank you. If you ever decide to make your way up to PA, let me know, I will give you some good trails to tackle.

  • Addendum LOL….as for the extreme cold conditions (for that neck of the woods) you must have been there a week or so ago during the deep freeze. Fortunately, you had plenty of dry wood sources to make an awesome fire. It appears you just used a tarp system, not a tent.