What would happen if you took your teenager out into the Wilderness? Good question. Moondance Adventures knows the answer.

Moondance provides an unforgettable journey into the backcountry in some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine wilderness areas. It’s a place to experience the world without barriers, only curiosity and acceptance. From the gnarled mountains of the Rockies to the mysteries of Machu Picchu, our adventures offer you a first-hand view of the diverse ecosystems that make our world wild and fascinatingly beautiful.

Every Moondance trip offers its students unparalleled opportunities for personal growth. Students broaden their personal horizons through travel to new and unique destinations. They find their curiosity and sense of connection to the larger world stimulated by a rich set of experiences and encounters.

They discover remarkable reserves of adaptability, resourcefulness, and spirit while undertaking adventurous and challenging outdoor activities. The Moondance mission statement reads, “With courage, belief in one’s self, and a sense of purpose, a person can accomplish anything.” Focusing on this mission, Moondance instructors work diligently to establish a nurturing, non-competitive environment in which every young person is pushed beyond his or her “comfort zone” to a place where preconceived limits are challenged and significant personal growth can occur.

Who goes on these trips? The bottom line is that the groups are comprised of great kids from all over the country. Moondance students are bright, motivated, ambitious and adventurous. They want to be there to share in the experience with other like minded kids. Our groups are never larger than 13 students and always at least two adult leaders. Keeping our groups small allows us to do more, see more all while allowing individual attention and ensuring the best supervision.

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