Between the Connecticut River and the Green Mountains, the Appalachian Trail passes through high, rugged country with woods and overgrown farmlands. From “Maine Junction” (near U.S. 4) south, the A.T. follows about one hundred miles of the famed “Long Trail” along the rugged crest of the Green Mountains.

The Trail approaches treeline at Killington and Stratton mountains, and parts feature strenuous ascents. But, in general, Vermont hiking crosses varied terrain, at lower to mid-range elevations with a fair amount of elevation gain and loss. It passes through forests of paper birch and white pine, wooded mountains, and farm valleys. Some overnight sites charge a fee.

Avoid Vermont trails in “mud season,” mid-April through Memorial Day. Hiking there in wet, sloppy conditions leads to serious Trail erosion.

A.T. mileage 150 miles
Difficulty rating 5-6 (rating scale explained)
Elevation 400—4,010 feet
Guidebook Appalachian Trail Guide to New Hampshire—Vermont
When to go June through September. Avoid Vermont trails in “mud season,” mid-April through Memorial Day.

Vermont was a visually stunning state in many places. Also, the mountains there began to pose quite a challenge. Thru-hikers nickname the state “Vermud” because there are many places along it’s length where the trail turns into a giant mud pit. However, because I was there in September, the mud was mostly dried up

Video Trail Report from Thru-Hiker Tutts99

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  • great! im happy someone is doing a full circle video on the at and that its available through backpacker tv,-hiking virtually along through each state.

  • (Darius) Russell LedbetterHey! Good for you!! And really nice to see your name/blog post pop-up again in my e-mail! Was going thurogh AT blog follower withdrawal (as you were the hiker (at random) I chose to follow this AT thru-hiker Class of 2012.) Will be good to hear from you and your latest adventures occasionally! (Was wondering about you this weekend believe-it-or-not, and curious how your health/Lyme Disease battle was/is going! Glad to hear your in good spirits anyway!!Best, (Darius) Russell Ledbetter