The Ojito Wilderness Hoo-Doo Pines hike is about 20 miles west of Bernalillo, New Mexico and just south of the town of San Ysedro. There are many hoo-doo rock formations and also hoo-doo ponderosa pine trees that grow in strange places and are stunted in growth. Lots of places to hike and explore but remember to bring some water as there is no water source in this wilderness.

The Ojito Wilderness is a fantastic place for would be explorers of nearly every age and experience level. It is big and wild enough to get lost in, but accessible enough to take small children. If you live in Albuquerque, you can be there almost as fast as you can drive to the crest of the Sandias. However, you certainly won’t find cool mountain air here. This is New Mexico desert at its best. Parched, yet sublime landscapes made up of broken mesas and undulating badlands capped with twisted and ancient junipers that may predate the arrival of the Spanish. I have hiked in Ojito for many years and I’m always discovering something new. I have traveled to well over a dozen countries and I led an educational wilderness program for years. Yet I can honestly say Ojito is unlike any other place I know and keeps me coming back. Combining elements of the Bisti badlands with Santa Fe skies, Abique fossils, and southern Utah redrock, this is a place that should be on any serious New Mexico hikers “to do” list.

This video was shot by YouTube User: CrazyTaileZ


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