When using my tarp, I generally look for bug protection. Especially in the hot humid summer months. I started to make a DIY bug net, but then ran across the Minimalist 1 Bivy. It sells for $75.00 with floor. It weighs only 8.5 oz.

Very small footprint so that the Minimalist 1 Bivy can be pitched under canopy tent, tarp, or lines to trees.

The Minimalist 1 Bivy now comes in two sizes: regular and extended length. The regular minimalist 1 has enough internal space to sit up in and will fit someone up to about 6′ 2″. The extended minimalist 1 has enough internal space for a larger person to sit up in and will fit someone up to about 6′ 6″. Other modifications are possible. Just contact us with your ideas. Both bivies have very small footprints so that they can be pitched in almost any locaton that enables lines.
Both bivies can be packed in small pocket in pack or pannier.
Single piece bathtub style floor to keep water away from your sleeping bag. Standard floor is 30D weight (1.35 oz silicone coated ripstop). Floor also available in 0.51 cuben fiber for an ultralightweight bivy. For a more durable cuben fiber floor, 0.74 oz cuben fiber is available.

All seams double stitched for durability. Corners have webbing for stakes or cords. 56″ zipper with twin zipper sliders open from across end to left side or across end bottom to right entry side (customer’s choice) for easy entry and exit. The across end to left zipper (default arrangement) is shown in the main display picture. For no extra charge, the zipper can be extended to run from the left side, across the end, and to the right side for entry from any side (slightly heavier arrangement.)

Easy setup takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

Bathtub Floor: 30D
1.35 oz silicone-coated nylon
Bathtub Floor: 0.51 oz
Cuben Fiber
Bathtub Floor: 0.74 oz
Cuben Fiber (optional)
Netting: Black no-see-um


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