Haven’t written a post about anything for quite some time. Deepest apologize for all my visitors. This last year I did a lot of backpacking, (except for the brutally hot summer) and had a blast. However, it was a tough year. Family, and other matters just kept me thinking about how much I needed something more.

Last year I decided to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up in Illinois, and spending most of my adult live South of Chicago, it was time for a change. The biggest reason was opportunities. Opportunities I just didn’t have in the middle of Illinois. Driving time to the nearest National Forest was also a big reason. A person who loves the outdoors and one who loves to backpack, isn’t going to find much in Corn Fields. Not there is anything wrong with that, but geez. The nearest National Forest or Wilderness was at least 5 hours away.

Georgia is an excellent location for TheBackpackerTV. Northern Georgia and it’s Mountains and vast Wilderness is a place I’ve always wanted to live by. Cohutta Wilderness, Appalachian Trail, Chattahoochee National Forest, on and on.

So now TheBackpackerTV and I are residing in Atlanta where we will head out into the Mountains on a regular basis without the toll on the truck or our wallets. So far, we love it out here.

See you on the trail.


I created TheBackpackerTV because of my passion for the outdoors and seeing nature up close and personal. To share my experiences, and the experiences of others for everyone to enjoy. We go watch hundreds of videos each month picking the very best for you. Enjoy!

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