I’ve seen a lot of “DIY” vids, but this one I really like. Simple, easy, and useful. According to MandyTheGoose, it’s completely changed the way he cooks in the backcounry. What I like about it, is that it makes total sense and is ultra lightweight. I’ve used this same material as a reflective pad while winter camping in the snow.

A pot cozy is a simple and elegant alternative to simmering that will dramatically save fuel. It will also allow you to cook many foods that you wouldn’t normallly think of for backpacking, such as uncooked rice, beans and thick pasta. If you want a pot cozy but prefer not to make your own, you may order one from www.AntiGravityGear. Several stock sizes and custom sizes available. Part of profits go towards supporting boy scout Troop 270 in Hampstead, NC and other outdoor maintenance agencies.

1) 3/8 ” closed cell foam (cut an old foam pad or buy a cheap one from K-Mart or WalMart)
2) 2 inch wide aluminized furnace tape (duct tape can be used but makes for a slightly heavier cozy).
3) Heavy duty Aluminum foil

1) Scissors
2) Felt marker
3) Yardstick
4) Tape measure

This video was shot by YouTube User: MandyTheGoose


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