The Continental Divide Trail Alliance (CDTA) was formed in 1995 to assist federal land management agencies in the completion, management and protection of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Since that time, CDTA volunteers have dedicated nearly $7 million worth of labor while individuals, foundations, and businesses committed millions to the effort. As of 2011, of the 2,268 miles of the Trail completed CDTA volunteers are responsible for 525 of those miles, and to date only 832 miles remain to be constructed.

Increasing pressures from development in the West, rising land costs, and challenges with the longstanding down cycle in the economy threaten the completion of the Trail. Despite the strong level of financial support from so many of you, overall contributions and other revenues in recent years have significantly declined. These revenues are the life blood of nonprofit organizations like the CDTA.

Consequently, the CDTA Board of Directors has made the very difficult and painful decision to cease operations of the CDTA. The financial condition of the organization has been unstable and deteriorating for a number of years. We have not been able to raise the necessary financial resources to sustain the continued operations of the organization.

We are taking the actions necessary to complete our outstanding contracts for work on behalf of the Trail. We are retaining the services of our committed and outstanding staff to meet our current obligations, to the extent financially possible, as we complete closing down CDTA over the next few weeks.

This is a sad day. But the Trail is still here, and it continues to inspire us all. We are confident this inspiration will lead people to start a new and stronger organization to continue the work on the Trail.

The Board and dedicated staff of the CDTA would like to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous commitment and support of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and theCDTA. We are truly humbled by the selfless actions of so many and hopefully this will inspire another group of people to continue the mission of CDTA.

Stay Tuned . . . In the meantime watch this video about backpacking the CDT

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