Illuminate your camp site the environmentally friendly way, with these solar-powered collapsible lamps. Powered by solar energy, this eco-friendly concept lamp lights up your surrounds when unfolded. Designed by Jesper Jonsson, the solar-powered collapsible lamps come equipped with solar panels that collect energy when the sun is out and store it in a battery. Once the sun goes down, the lamp can be unfolded and its onboard battery powers a set of bulbs inside the lamp to give you light. It also comes with a strap with magnets that lets you hang the lamp in a variety of ways, open of closed. Jesper Jonsson

Ordering the solar panel and LED’s is the easy part and probably even the small amount of sewing to get the fabric correct, but finding a small enough switch and getting it to work correctly each time you open or close the light maybe the tough part. Still probably nothing that an order from Adafruit Industries wouldn’t fix. I’m definitely going to try this. If you are into light weight backpacking like I am, you should try this also.


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