This is one piece of gear I’ve wondered about. This piece of gear looks pretty handy in the Winter when you’re backpacking on icy trails. Thanks to TrailsherpaTV for putting this together.

Goat Head Sole Spikes™ are carefully designed traction spikes that screw directly into the soles of most any outdoor shoe. Unlike clumsy strap-on devices that rob the feel and agility of your performance shoe, you’ll hardly notice your Sole Spikes except for the earth-gripping traction you gain.

  • Each cup contains 24 quality Sole Spikes made from cold-forged, heat-hardened, corrosion resistant stainless steel for maximum durability as well as a 1/4? magnetic socket bit for EASY installation
  • 28 biting edges on each head for superior traction with fewer spikes
  • Serrated flange “locks” the spike into the sole to prevent back-turning and fall out
  • Easy to install in just about any shoe as our needle point screw tip allows goes right in without pre-drilling or other methods
  • Short tip and beefy flange prevent accidental push through to the foot
  • Bright finish makes it easier to find if you happen to drop a spike in snow or gravel
  • Use of Sole Spikes™ can increase the life of your shoe sole (like a hobnail)
  • Small gauge of the tip leaves minimal impact to your sole if you remove the spikes later. Not much more than if you stepped on a goat head thorn


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