Having used the MSR WindPro II Stove in the backcountry,  I can say it’s as durable as any stove I’ve ever used. Generally, I use an Alcohol Stove 3 of the 4 seasons of the year. But I really like this stove for the Winter. I used my MSR Whisperlight for years, and never had an issue with it.

  • Easy to operate—no priming?, pre-heating or pressurizing is necessary; attach an isobutane?-propane canister and start cooking (canister not included)
  • Includes a stand for inverting isobutane?-propane canisters for better cold weather performance and more consistent output over the life of each canister
  • At only 6.6 oz., the WindPro II is the lightest remote canister stove on the market
  • Wide burner head evenly distributes the flame for scorch-free cooking
  • Includes windscreen and heat reflector for increased operating performance; windscreen is designed to accommodate cookware up to 10 in. in diameter
  • 3 legs/pot supports fan out to form a stable 6 in. cooking surface; folds for compact storage
  • Flame is easily adjusted from a steady simmer to a full boil; long fuel line keeps control valve well away from the flame

MSR WindPro II stove is totally field maintainable; every stove part is designed to be taken apart and easily replaced in the field

Fuel Type: white gas Simmer: yes Windscreen: no Heat Reflector: no Parts Kit: no Fuel Bottle or Canister Included: yes, inverted Weight: 6.6 oz Recommended Use: camping, backpacking Manufacturer Warranty: lifetime 


MSR WindPro II Stove
Eastern Mountain Sports

WindPro II Stove


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