One of the reason’s I put TheBackpackerTV together (and keep it going) are the stunning and breathtaking videos, documentaries, and tales about our beautiful wilderness areas. Of course watching a video, or documentary about the AT really draws me in after attempting a thru-hike myself in 2003. One of the Youtube Channels I subscribe to is kookiemoose He has made some stunning video’s from the AT. He writes on his channel.

The Appalachian Trail is a 2,175 mile mountain footpath extending from Maine to Georgia. I enjoy hiking it and, bringing along a camera to document what I might happen to see. I hope you enjoy…

Recently, he did a shout out video to everyone else who shoots video’s of the AT and who really appreciates what the AT is, and what is has to offer. So we celebrate with kookiemoose who mentioned so many of the people that we have also shared videos on thebackpackertv and add our joy for those who shoot, capture, and then share their love of the AT and backcounty with us.


I created TheBackpackerTV because of my passion for the outdoors and seeing nature up close and personal. To share my experiences, and the experiences of others for everyone to enjoy. We go watch hundreds of videos each month picking the very best for you. Enjoy!

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