Outdoor TV does an excellent gear review on Jetboils Fluxring Fry Pan.

FluxRing technology helps distribute the heat evenly throughout the pan. It may add a little weight to your pack if you’re traveling solo but for a smaller group trip it’s way easier to carry than a giant camping stove. The protective lid for the bottom of the pan doubles as a plate for preparing and eating food. We didn’t mind that there wasn’t a lid for the top of the pan, although that may help prevent it from getting scratched up in your pack or in storage. It’s important to use the Fry Pan on top of the pot support stand. The pan fits easily onto the stand, making it sturdy enough to use on uneven surfaces.

Cleaning: The pan cleans fairly easily, except for eggs. Because Jetboils get hot fast we found keeping a close eye on the food and adding oil to the pan, before cooking, helped make the cleaning process easier. The plastic plate/cover was very easy to clean.

Best used for: Smaller group camping trips, backpacking when weight isn’t as big of an issue.

The Fry Pan worked great with the Jetboil Sumo. Not compatible with Helios.


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