As many of you may know, I love coffee in the morning. When I saw this video, I became a fan of the Growers Cup immediately.

Bolivian coffees are characterized by being a ”clean cup”, which makes them very delicate. This Grower’s Cup coffee has a fantastic aroma with a delightful sweet hint of marzipan and chocolate. The taste is a nice balance between richness and acidity. This is a medium-dark roast, which gives the coffee more body.

Grower’s Cup Coffeebrewer pouches are basically a hybrid between a filter dripmaker and a French Press.
The design of The Coffeebrewer enables a perfect extraction as the volume of the pouch
allows the hot water to interact with the coffee grounds and extract the aroma.The filter is
designed to preserve all natural oils and flavours in the coffee. Therefore – a richer taste !

The filter will effectively separate the brewed coffee from the grounds and when you have served the first 1½ cup the remaining coffee will be under the filter and the brewing process will stop. This means that the coffee will not go bitter over time like in a French Press.

You can buy this at Campsaver


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  • This seems more like a gimmick than something like a french press (snowpeak) or an MSR Mugmate, which you can put whatever type of coffee in it and also re-use it. What is the price on these I wonder? Thanks for the info BPTV !!!

  • I just bought a few to test. At $3.49 a bag, I won’t be buying to many. I’ve used the “coffee bag” method that Folgers makes for years. So even at 1 oz 26g it’s still adding weight to my pack. However! I love coffee in the morning and this gives me a change to have two full cups with one pot of hot water instead of the one I usually have. I’ll keep everyone posted when I test it next weekend.