Some hike the Appalachian Trail to test personal boundaries of mental and physical endurance. Others prefer a more transcendent experience and use the Trail to be one with nature. You could ask a hundred different people why they hike the A.T. and you’d probably get a hundred different answers. But whatever their motives may be, they come back, time and time again, because they love the Appalachian Trail!

That’s why the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) wants to know why do you love the A.T.? We will be accepting video-shorts, no longer than 3 minutes, which answer the question, “Why do you love the Appalachian Trail?”

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I created TheBackpackerTV because of my passion for the outdoors and seeing nature up close and personal. To share my experiences, and the experiences of others for everyone to enjoy. We go watch hundreds of videos each month picking the very best for you. Enjoy!

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