Now that TheBackpackerTV has been online for 5 years. Guess we should do some house cleaning and share some stats, and comments about our site.  We have been keeping stats ever since we started the site, and made a ton of changes.

Early last year, I had a personal situation with my Mother passing away. Having said that,  I didn’t post as much as I wanted to. However, even taking almost 6 months off. TheBackpackerTV did amazingly well. One of the unique things we do is share YOUR video’s. Good Video’s = Strong Audience. Because we have so many “how to’s” videos, we have a lot of new people always checking out the site.  We also take a lot of pride at being very close to the top of Google Search for “Backpacking Video’s”.

Most of all we keep up with our Facebook Page which has helped us keep visitors to our site. We have some awesome, dedicated followers and we really appreciate you!

Backpacking Videos

First, the biggest thing we look at is daily traffic.  Although we don’t post everyday, we are pretty happy with what we see.

  • In 5 Years we have taken a total of 1,616.263 hits
  • On Average, we have around 1,200 unique page visits per week. 
  • Each month we take anywhere from 18,000 – 24,000 total page views a month. 

Our biggest Referrer ever has been StumbleUpon over 26,000 times in 5 years.

We also got a huge recommendation from our friends at First Ascent. Read their blog article. Really helped us out a lot and very grateful.

Here are some other stats that we took from our stats program. The third graphic is for the first month of 2014.

thebackpackertv stats


thebackpackertv stats


thebackpackertv stats


backpackertv stats


This last graphic shows stats from 2012 – 2013

We always welcome your input so feel free to share your idea’s on how we can make the site better. See you on the Trail!



I created TheBackpackerTV because of my passion for the outdoors and seeing nature up close and personal. To share my experiences, and the experiences of others for everyone to enjoy. We go watch hundreds of videos each month picking the very best for you. Enjoy!

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