This is the LiTech Trek kettle, from Primus.

The Trek kettle is the pot/pan combo, (Not to be confused with the LiTech kettle, which is best suited for boiling water only. ) The Trek is made of hard anodized aluminum and has a non stick, scratch resistant coating inside. That makes cleaning it a lot easier.

You also have a small pour spout to help reduce the risk of spilling stuff everywhere while pouring. This is especially helpful when you’re dealing with hot liquids. Spilling boiling water all over yourself while trying to just pour a little into a freezer bag so you can get your Ramen noodles cooked is a whole lot of no fun.

The fold-out handles have insulated grips, to help prevent you from burning your hands. The kettle will hold up to a liter of water. Also, the lid functions as a small frying pan. I suppose this would really come in handle if you are cooking pancakes for breakfast, since the pan is sized just perfectly for them. The pan is 1? deep, with a diameter of 4-9/16?. The pot diameter is 4-13/16? at the top, 4-1/2? at the bottom and the pot height is 4- 3/8?.

Unfortunately, there are no measuring marks on the kettle, so you have to measure out your water with something else. For me, that’s a huge mark against it. I don’t want to have to bring an extra vessel just to measure my water for cooking. The kettle itself weighs in at 6.7 oz, while the lid is 2.6 oz. I’d say that on 99% of my trips, I’d leave the pan at home. The total weight of the kettle and pan lid is 9.3 oz., so its not the lightest pot of it’s size you can find and likely not the best choice if you consider yourself an ‘ultralighter’. (Unless you’re an ultra lighter on a budget, then you may feel that carrying an extra 3 or 4 ounces is better than spending all that extra $$$ for a titanium pot/pan version.)

It comes in a stuff sack that’s half nylon, half mesh. The stuff sack weighs around a half ounce. (0.6 oz) Although it’s not a huge pot, I was able to fit a 100g Jetboil fuel canister, my Olicamp Vector stove, a small box of matches and a small square of cleaning sponge in there. Also, I noticed that the kettle cools off fairly quickly after use, so you won’t have to wait long before you can pack it and get moving.

Video Production by Keith Stone


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