This story first came to me a few years ago when I read about Steve Fugate on a blog. After seeing the first Video “Love Life”, I’ve made sure to follow his journey. He’s still backpacking two years later across the Country. Amazing! Please show your support for Steve by following him on Facebook. I think of all the video’s I’ve shared on this site, this story is one of the most amazing one’s I’ve ever shared.

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In 1999, Steve Fugate lost his son to suicide. A few years later, he lost his daughter to a drug overdose. At sixty-four years old, he has walked across the United States seven times to raise awareness for depression and suicide and to inspire people he meets to “love life.”  After fourteen years and 34,000 miles of walking, Steve continues his quest to heal his heart and the hearts of those in need one step at a time.

Steve Fugate the original “LOVE LIFE” guy, began his next long distance walk from Vero Beach, Florida March 23rd at 9 AM. Fugate, who is 66 years-old has already logged over 30,000 miles with his LOVE LIFE sign. His motivation to cross the country 6 times in the past rises from tragedy striking his life.

“When love fills your life all limitations are gone. The medicine this sick world needs so badly is love.” ~Peace Pilgrim

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