Ever wanted to hike the Pacific Coast  Trail? Here is your chance to get an amazing quick view of what’s it’s like.

It takes a long time to walk the 2,600 miles of Pacific Crest Trail, and a good percentage of those miles offer very little in terms of scenery, wildlife, or enjoyment in general (aka most of Oregon). Tyler Fox who blogs for HalfwayAnywhere.com took video of his Thru-Hike, and wrote:

Pacific Crest trail

Before I started down the PCT I eagerly watched any video or even raw footage to pump myself up for the adventure, and to my dismay, much of it was absolute garbage (really, just terrible).So I had the genius idea of taking a short video each day hiked, with the hopes of stringing them all together at the hike’s conclusion (yes, although the PCT posts continue, I am in fact finished hiking) to offer a glimpse of what the PCT has to offer.

Nicely done Tyler.

Production video done by: HalfwayAnywhere.com


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