Scott Janz April 19, 2014 0

Elkmont to Miry Ridge in the Smoky Mountains

Bryan Delay puts together another great video about backpacking. This one especially, as it show’s the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. This video was made on a two night backpacking trip in the GSMNP.


A two night backpacking trip starting on Jakes Creek Trail at Elkmont in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park and camping at Backcountry Campsite #20 the first night. On day two we climbed 2,200 feet up to Miry Ridge and camped at Backcountry Campsite #26. And on the third and final day we hiked down Jake’s Creek Trail back to Elkmont.

If you haven’t visited Bryan’s YouTube Page yet, you should. Bryan has backpacked all 900 miles of the Smoky Mountains and has over 20 years experience in the backcounty.

Video Production done by: bedelay