Scott Janz June 5, 2014 1

Backpacking Zion – Trans Zion Trail

As someone who is preparing to hike Zion National Park this summer, was happy to find this backpacking video.  This part of Zion is the Trans Zion Trail. A route made popular by the outfitters in Springdale, the “Trans-Zion Trek” is a multi-day backpacking hike that connects several of Zion’s trails into one long route from one corner of the park to the other.


This strenuous and beautiful hike can take on average between three to five days and involves a lot of elevation gains and drops. Along the way, you will see some of Zion’s most awe-inspiring scenery as well as many beautiful spots that most dayhikers never experience. Total mileage: roughly 47 miles. Before attempting this hike, you must work out the logistics of getting backcountry permits, planning your campsite spots for each night, car shuttles/car spots, and water sources (caching water and/or using available springs and streams).

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