Scott Janz October 31, 2015 0

Java Drip brewed coffee tips

If you are anything like me? Coffee is pretty damn important in the morning. For many backpackers, it’s an important morning ritual! Here’s a few tips about making great tasting DRIP BREWED coffee. Until now, preparing Drip coffee while camping has been anything but convenient. But with the innovative GSI Outdoors Java Drip’s you can easily make a bold, mud-free brew every time!

GSI Coffee Drip

These Simple, Portable Drip Coffee Systems are excellent for backpacking, camping, travel… yes even at home you can easily enjoy a great cup of coffee!

Having used the Folgers Coffee Bags for years, I really like these.  I think the Coffee Bags are a bit lighter, but looking forward to testing the GSI out in the Backcountry.

Production Video done by: GSI Outdoors

If you have used the GSI Java Drip, let us know what you think?